Monday, November 16, 2009

Max Ernst

Painting is not for me either decorative amusement, or the plastic invention of felt reality; it must be every time: invention, discovery, revelation. All good ideas arrive by chance.


  1. This is beautiful. People dont understand that this art can dig deep and be applicable to anyone. Anyone can create this art but make it their own.

  2. It is a door between real life and another dimension, the paintings give you an option to leave and be sucked in this piece of art.
    It is so beautiful!

  3. I have a good friend that has been influenced by Max and has met him, she does the most beatiful work and is indeed a hommage to Mr.Ernst

  4. Ernst's amazing drive to create the "new unique" is awe inspiring every time i see it! And the words of the quote posted on the top of the page, characterize the work that I try to make.

    check out my blog to see the live progression of another driven artists career.

  5. someone should add some captions....